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Nurturing the Soul of Your Family

It’s no secret that people in 2013 are trying to live better lives by nurturing the souls of their families .  More and more people are turning to healthier eating habits, exercising more, trying to live a more natural lifestyle.  People are looking inside themselves to see what is truly important to their families.

Renee Peterson Trudeau is one of those people:

Nurturing the Soul of Your Family was born from a movement I started in 2009 — inspired by my late father–called Live Inside Out. Live Inside Out challenges people to slow down and live more intentionally.

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If families were to just embrace three or four insights or strategies from Nurturing the Soul of Your Family that would make a big impact on their daily lives, what would they be?

  1. Be open to a new way of being: Be bold, do it different. Be willing to take the road less traveled. Open up to the possibility that there is another way of seeing and experiencing life and begin to imagine what that would look like for your family.
  2. Be compassionate and loving with yourself: treat yourself as worthy of the same self-nurturing, acceptance, and tenderness that are afforded your children.
  3. Invite in playfulness and curiosity as you begin your journey; awareness is the first step towards positive change.
  4. Get support — smart people do. It makes everything easier.

Having coached thousands of men and women around coming into greater alignment with how they desire to live and work, what is needed for change to occur?

Three things: Clarity and a vision for what they want (what does the life/career you desire look and feel like?)lots of self-compassion (making a life or career change is courageous work!) and taking deeply guided baby steps while getting lots of support (often we try to run before we’ve learned to crawl). Support could be from a friend, mentor, coach, a therapist, a minister or someone else. Learning to ask for and receive help can take years of practice; it’s like strengthening a muscle.

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What’s the most important thing we should be teaching our kids right now around self-care and emotional health?

As parents we spend a lot of time and energy around our kids’ cognitive and physical development, but we rarely focus on their emotional or spiritual health. Conveying to our kids through our actions that they not only deserve and have permission to nurture their hearts and souls, but that it’s their birthright to do so — could be one of the most important lessons we ever share.

I know personally, I have trouble just being.  As a stay-at-home-Mom, sometimes I feel like I have to overperform.  The house should be spotless, the kids should never be bored, I should be crafting and baking gourmet treats.  It’s just not realistic.  Renee has reminded me that none of that has to happen for my family to be happy.


Renée Peterson Trudeau is the author of the new book Nurturing the Soul of Your Family. A sought after life balance coach/speaker and president of Career Strategists, her work has appeared in The New York Times, Good Housekeeping and numerous media outlets. On the faculty of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Wellness, she leads life balance workshops and retreats for Fortune 500 companies and organizations worldwide. Thousands of women in ten countries are participating in Personal Renewal Groups based on her first book, The Mother’s Guide to Self-Renewal. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and son.

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